The MacInnes Affair

Blair's latest Historical Romance Novel

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On holiday in Scotland, Lara MacInnes discovers the journals of a woman who loved Lara's own very-great grandfather, Lachlan MacInnes, in the mid-eighteen hundreds. With the help of Iain Glendenning, a handsome Highlander, Lara traces the path of this long-ago romance. Their research unearths mystery and murder. Uncovering the truth, a hundred and fifty years later, is a torturous and frustrating trail. Along the way, Lara and Iain in fall in love. Can they put an end forever to the feud between the MacInnes and Glendenning Clans that has persisted since the Battle of Culloden?

Reviews for The MacInnes Affair

From Marlene at

"The MacInnes Affair is the story of one single pair of star-crossed lovers and their one small corner of history.  And it is lovely exactly as it is." 

Melanie from Have You Heard My Book Review

"I gave this one five cheers out of five because this book envelopes you in its beauty."

From Susan Johnston

"This book is a must for any fan of the Outlander books and tv series."

From The Romance Reviews - Avonna Loves Genres 

"This is the type of book you can just fall into and get engrossed by the history and mystery and not want to put down."


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