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As she does with all her novels, Blair travelled to Scotland to actually exxperience all the places that make up the story in The MacInnes Affair.  While there, she went through numerous historical records in churches and government records offices, to get the genuine historical details.  If you love Scotland and  its history, The MacInnes Affair will be a perfect book for you.

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Romantic Road Chapter 1

On holiday in Scotland, Lara MacInnes discovers the journals of a woman who loved Lara's own very-great grandfather, Lachlan MacInnes, in the mid-eighteen hundreds. With the help of Iain Glendenning, a handsome Highlander, Lara traces the path of this long-ago romance. Their research unearths mystery and murder. Uncovering the truth, a hundred and fifty years later, is a torturous and frustrating trail. Along the way, Lara and Iain in fall in love. Can they put an end forever to the feud between the MacInnes and Glendenning Clans that has persisted since the Battle of Culloden?

Reviews for The MacInnes Affair

Independent Reviews


5 out of 5 Cheers - Melanie from Have You Heard My Book Review

"Ms. McDowell seems to anticipate the readers questions before they are asked.  Her writing style is simply beautiful and will keep you spellbound from beginning to end. The modern part of this story in no way wipes out the beautiful historical part. You need to get this book for your TBR pile.  Ms. McDowell's books are automatic buys.  I found no issues.
I gave this one five cheers out of five because this book envelopes you in its beauty."........more


Review from Kristina Anderson

"The MacInnes Affair is a story that captured and held my attention from beginning to end.  I liked the characters and the rugged landscape of Scotland.  Blair McDowell’s descriptions brought the book alive.  I enjoy being able to visualize the scenery like Athdara Castle surrounded by the woods and the stone cottage where Lara resided.  The dual-time line added depth to the story.  The author’s research is evident from the clothing, the food, modes of transportation, and attitudes of the people."

From Marlene at

"The MacInnes Affair is the finest kind of time-slip romance, one where the dive into the past illuminates but does not overshadow the story in the present - and the other way around. It is a marvelous story every step of the way. One of the things that this author does very well is tell a story in two time frames and make them both equally compelling  The MacInnes Affair is the story of one single pair of star-crossed lovers and their one small corner of history.  And it is lovely exactly as it is." ....More

From Susan Johnston

"This book is a must for any fan of the Outlander books and tv series.  Even though there is no time travel, the two stories evolving simultaneously allows the reader to leap centures. Even if you are not an Outlander fan, it is still an entertaining and exciting read."

5 out of 5 stars - From The Romance Reviews - Avonna Loves Genres 

"I really enjoyed reading this entertaining contemporary and historical romance mix.  It has two time-lines that intertwine, but no one travels to another time.  That said, both plot-lines are well written and I never felt confused as the two stories shift from past to present and back again.  The present day romance progresses at a believable pace and this historical romance is filled with situations that are appropriate to that time.  This is the type of book you can just fall into and get engrossed by the history and mystery and not want to put down.  This is the first book I have read from the new-to-me author, but I will definitely be looking for others." ....more

Excerpt from The MacInnes Affair

“I don’t understand what’s taking Lachlan so long. It’s been three days.” Elspeth paced back and forth in the library.

Her father glanced up impatiently. “You are wearing a hole in the rug. Sit down, for God’s sake. Mayhap when he observed the condition of the castle, he had second thoughts about his marriage.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Father. Lachlan has no money concerns. If the castle cannot be made livable, we’ll return to Lochleigh. I quite like it there.”

Her father didn’t answer, and Elspeth  continued her pacing. “I wish Hamish were here. He’d know what to do. I’ll send a message to Abhainn.”

“Stop this foolishness!” her father bellowed. “Clearly your husband has chosen to abandon you. He has seen the wreck of a castle he dreamed about when he married you and has gone on to greener pastures!”

He got up and stormed out of the room.

Elspeth stared after her father, speechless. He had no idea of who or what Lachlan was, or what their marriage meant to them.

She had to get a message to Abhainn. Her father must have writing paper somewhere. She walked around to the other side of her father’s desk and opened the top drawer. There, on top of bills and scraps of paper, sat Lachlan’s ring. The ring he never, ever, removed from his finger.

She sat in stunned silence. If her father had Lachlan’s ring, Lachlan was dead. He would never have parted with it while still he lived.


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