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Blair was in Paris several years ago, in front of the Louvre’s famous glass pyramid on a damp and chilly day in November. While standing there, she recalled the shocking incident in which the Mona Lisa was briefly stolen and wondered how many other thefts and attempted thefts there might have been over the years. It was at that moment the plot of Fatal Charm began to form.


"A worthy successor to Where Lemons Bloom. This time romance and intrigue moves from the Amalfi Coast to the 'City of Love' and does not disappoint!"

A young jewelry designer, Caitlin Abernathy, lives a quiet life and is involved with a man who is rather boring --- that is until he is found murdered! Thus begins her adventure starting with the discovery of a priceless piece of historic jewelry found in her shop, and her attempt to return it to its rightful owner -- the Louvre Museum in Paris. However, the thieves who stole it in the first place have other plans for it, and our young designer is very much in their way. They will stop at nothing to prevent her from returning the jewel to the Louvre, including murder.  

In her flight across Paris and Brittany, Caitlin is helped by her close friend and employee, Aristotle Jones, and Colin Stryker, a handsome Scottish Professor who takes quite an interest in Caitlin.

Published by Wild Rose Press

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Praise for Fatal Charm

"Blair McDowell is an illustrative writer which allows readers to visualize the scenes in their head.  This brings the characters and story to life for me.  I thought the mystery was complex and intriguing.  I enjoyed the many twists and turns.  The mystery and romance went hand-in-hand. Fatal Charm has a sweet ending that wraps up all the storylines beautifully.  I have read all of Blair McDowell’s books and, for me, Fatal Charm tops the charts.  I look forward to reading Ms. McDowell’s future works." ....... Full Review Here

-  Kristina Anderson,


"Just as with all of  this author’s work, Fatal Charm kept me going back to its mystery and adventure all day long, until I finally gave in and just finished it. I started at lunch and in spite of work and other annoying interventions, couldn't stop myself from turning the last page after midnight. I just had to see how it all turned out.

If you love well-crafted romantic suspense where the mystery is every bit as mysterious as the romance is romantic, check out Blair McDowell’s work."

-  Escape Rating A - Marlene Harris,


"A mystery introduced them, intrigue kept them together. Well written and engaging characters is what makes this book so fantastic. This one is definitely a page-turner.  Fatal Charm is well plotted and full of surprises. I really enjoyed the way this story came together. I'd like to see Caitlin Abernathy and Colin Stryker in another mystery/romantic tale.  Get this one for your TBR pile, you'll be glad you did."

- 5 of 5 Stars - Melanie Adkins,


"The elegance and beauty of Paris as the central backdrop for the intrigue, adds color and movement to the drama. The tug of war for Caitlin between romance and career is real and heartfelt. I particularly liked the attention to food as a gathering point and motif throughout. I was drawn back to my memories of Paris--the sights, sounds and aromas. It's these small touches that inject an extra dimension, a 'je ne sais quoi' into the mix.

A worthy successor to Where Lemons Bloom. This time romance and intrigue moves from the Amalfi Coast to the 'City of Love' and does not disappoint!"

- Heather B,

Excerpt from Fatal Charm

Caitlin went back into her workroom and selected some finished pieces she thought might interest the buyer from the mega-luxury store. The tiger-eye pendant, the lacy collar made of carnelian and moonstone. The delicate lemon quartz necklace and matching bracelet. A few of her best, most expensive pieces. Not too many. Each one unique, each a one-of-a-kind piece. She’d found customers would pay well for designs they knew they’d never see on anyone else.

Picking up her case, she called, “I’m leaving now, Aristotle.” Car keys in hand, Caitlin went out the back door.

A dark sedan was blocking her exit from the parking lot. Annoyed, she went over and rapped on the car window.

“Could you please move? I need to get out.”

Before the words were out of her mouth two men leaped out of the car, pushing her against it, hemming her in. Something jabbed into her ribs. She glanced down and gasped. A gun. It was a gun.

Caitlin shivered. “What do you want?”

Their eyes were bleak, expressionless. Her mind registered they were both very well dressed. They had on suits and ties, for God’s sake. Somehow, the way they were dressed made them more intimidating. Nobody wore suits and ties in Berkeley.

“The case. We’ll take the case. Just put it down and you won’t get hurt.”

Caitlin’s chin went up as she pulled her case against her, holding it tight with both arms. “I will not give you my case. I need it to show to a buyer. Why on earth would you want to steal my case? I work in semi-precious stones, not diamonds and emeralds. There’s nothing of great value in my case. It’s certainly not worth armed robbery.”

“Putain, you talk too much!” The taller man wrenched the case out of her arms and shoved Caitlin roughly.

Off balance, she fell. Before she could get to her feet again the two were back in the car, speeding down the alley.

“Damn.” Caitlin brushed herself off. She inspected her dress and shoes. Still presentable. Her leg was scraped and she had turned her ankle in the fall. She limped back into the shop.

Aristotle looked up, his eyebrows raised in surprise, when she hobbled into the showroom. “What happened? You fell down?”  He took her arm and led her to a chair. “Sit down. Your leg looks nasty. Let me wash it off.”

Now that it was over, Caitlin was shaking. Aristotle disappeared into the bathroom adjoining her workshop and was back a moment later with a basin of warm water and a cloth. He set about looking after the scrape on Caitlin’s leg with a care that might have surprised anyone but Caitlin. She knew from her five years of working with this fierce-looking giant he was capable of great gentleness.

“You gonna tell me what happened? You didn’t just fall down. Although in those heels I don’t know why not.”

“Two men. They knocked me down and took my case.”

“What! Did you get a good look at them?”

“I most certainly did. They were dressed like they were going to a funeral. I thought for a minute it might be mine. The tall one had a gun pressed into my side. He was skinny, almost skeletal. The other one was short and dumpy. They both looked, I don’t know, really scary. Like they’d as soon kill you as look at you.”

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